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Shrimp and Milk Chocolate Bonbons & Moët & Chandon Champagne

About the Food & Pairing:Shrimp and Milk Chocolate Mousse Bonbons enrobed in White Chocolate,

There is no dreamier way to start an evening than with chocolate bonbons and Champagne. You heard right! Yes, most chocolate bonbons would not pair well with sparkling wine, as the bonbon is usually too sweet for a dry Champagne and the cocoa butter coats the mouth, ruining both the Champagne and the chocolate. However, when a savoury element – in this case, shrimp – is added to the mix, it changes the whole palate and connects the dish with the savoury dry characteristics of the Champagne. The shrimp also adds an intriguing flavour that makes this dish both savoury and sweet, while the wine’s bubbles refresh, lighten, and soften the complex flavours of the bonbon. Trust me, it works beautifully! Click here to book a private chef for your next event!

About the Wine: Moët & Chandon 2008 Grand Vintage Champagne

This vintage Champagne is produced only in outstanding years, and 2008 was exceptional, thanks to perfect weather. Elegant, or course, it drinks well now, but can keep on aging for at least 10 more years. The focus of this light- to medium-bodied Champagne is the fresh, yellow fruit notes, rather than breadiness and nuttiness. With fresh lemon, granny Smith apple, and crisp lime notes, its finish is long and lingering, with some pleasant honey texture on the palate and just a touch of toast on the finish. Learn more about wine!


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