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When Roasted Beef Meets Barolo

About the food & pairing:Le Puy Lentils, Bone Marrow, Pear, Parsnip Purée and Crispy Deep Fried Kale

Chef’s hearty dish goes well with this full-bodied, earthy Barolo. The tannins cut through the fattiness of both the roast beef and the bone marrow. The parsnip puree also works excellently with the game and leathery notes present in the wine. The pear refreshes the entire experience and works well with the liquorice aspect of the wine. The crispy deep fried kale adds a different texture to the dish.

About the wine: Giacosa Scarrone Vigna Mandorlo Barolo Italy 2010

This rich Barolo has a very seductive, leathery nose with notes of earth, game, and liquorice. The palate echoes what you get from the nose: sour cherry, game, leather, earth, and liquorice. This is a well-balanced wine with a good long finish, strength, complexity and a ton of personality! The tannins are strong, so feel free to age for another 12 years – at least - it will only get better ! To drink now, I recommend decanting for at least 30 minutes and enjoying with a heavy dish. Click here to book a wine seminar!


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