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Designing with the Human Experience in Mind:

Honouring the Five Senses within Event Planning & Styling

"It was less about aesthetics or appearance but much more about how to create an environment that made people feel better after being there than when they had arrived. It's all about well-being. They don't know why they feel the way they feel, but it's all been orchestrated!" - Ilse Crawford.

When cruising for new and inspiring material, I stumbled on a Netflix series called "The Abstract of Design" - an extraordinary stumble. The episode about interiors caught my attention because the featured designer was the editor of ELLE Magazine. When growing up, my mother had a deep affinity for décor magazines, and I distinctly remember liking this magazine [the E's inspired my first signature as a young adult].


During the episode, Ilse Crawford discussed her number one strategy when styling interiors: "prioritizing people in the design process; putting the human experience at the beginning of the design process; designing with the human experience in mind."

"One of the qualities that distinguishes her work from that of other interior designers is that it's about how we experience a room and how we feel in a room to satisfy the subconscious" - Sarah Medford