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Creating a Design Plan: Planning to Revamp a Room

right vs. left brain


revamp | riːˈvamp |

verb [with object]

give new and improved form, structure, or appearance to:

an attempt to revamp the kitchen's useable space | (as adjective revamped): a revamped living room.

noun [usually in singular]

an act of improving the form, structure, or appearance of something: the foyer was given a $1 million revamp.

a new and improved version: the curtains were a revamp of an old pattern.


Stop! In the name of decor!


Now that I have your attention, take another second to absorb the definition of what it means to revamp. I’ll wait...

Deep, right?

I know, not really. But it is important to today’s topic of how to build a stellar plan when redecorating a space to your liking - mindset to finish.

Now I don’t know about you but the words 'new & improved' jumped out at me most, whether talking nouns or verbs. But for the purpose of this blog let’s consider the word 'revamp' as strictly a verb - because we are about to start putting our ideas into action, young designer grasshoppers!

Ha! Bad joke - moving on along.


In the last Design instalment of the Food.Wine.Design Blog, we discussed the importance of all things mindset and defining your own style as style. And what did we accomplish by the end of the article, everyone?

We figured out that we might as well bend over and kiss ourselves to the moon without a bit of sheer confidence in our capabilities. And that’s the honest truth. So if you joined the 'lights on' crew and said YES to the question at the end of my last article then let’s move on to our next hurdle together: creating a revamp plan for a space in your home that you'll a) stick to and b) enjoy every step of the way.

So before we get started with the logistics (DON’T RUN - I repeat DON’T RUN) I need you to come back to that same lights on mentality. What brings you to your happy place? If we've done an event together, you probably noticed it doesn’t take much to get my excitement flaring. Why? Because by the time we meet, I’ve been prepping an artistic mood from the moment I woke up. Why again? Because it’s imperative to be in the right mood to create!


So grab an iced coffee, sit in the sunshine, turn on some music and take a deep breath. This blueprint for revamping your spaces is going to start at the beginning - the real beginning.



Some of you just felt physical pain reading that - I’m with you in most cases. This sounds like an utter waste of time during our daily grind, but it's also the exact same reason I need you to plan to make a plan in this case:

Life is crazy - I refuse to paint this blog with an unrealistic shade. And in order to initiate that creative mindset required for tapping into your stellar designer potential, it’s better to pre-schedule this planning time as something to look forward to. Look at your calendar - when can you fit in some uninterrupted (all parents read semi) me-time?

Step one is simply planning to give yourself the time, energy and space to think about what it is that you wish to create.



Have you ever noticed that your best ideas come to you when walking/running/driving/cleaning/showering/exercising/etc./etc.?