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Spectrum- Roasted Cornish Hen & Liver Pâté paired with Ambroise Saint Romaine 2013

About the Food & Pairing:Roasted Cornish Hen on Calf’s Liver Pâté, with Black Rice, Cherries and Mint.

The calf’s liver pâté has an appealing richness and fattiness that works well with the round texture of this white Burgundy, while the fresh acidity and cool temperature of the wine adds a welcome lightness to the dish. The fruity freshness of cherries and mint work in tandem with the wine to balance the weight of the pâté and black rice. This is a pairing that coaxes out more complexity from both the wine and the dish.

Roasted Cornish Hen & Liver Pâté

About the Wine: Ambroise Saint Romaine Burgundy France 2013

From a family-owned winery, this rich, complex, creamy, and smoky Chardonnay embodies everything I love about a fine white Burgundy. It’s rich, elegant, and complex with beautiful butter and brioche notes, combined with lingering lemon and granny Smith acidity, depth and a good, lingering finish. This is a well-balanced and food-friendly wine that can keep on aging for at least 10 years.

Ambroise Saint Romaine 2013


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