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Crispy Beet Chips Tomatoes & Mango, and Radish paired with Segura Viudas Heredad, Reserva

About the food & Pairing:Crispy Beet Chips with Cherry Tomatoes, Mango, and Radish

Beets are not a particularly wine-friendly food, but, much depends on the cooking technique used, as well as what accompanies the earthy root on the plate. Here, the Chef shaved and deep-fried the beets, giving them a crispiness and subtly fatty flavour which pairs beautifully to the fresh – and refreshing – bubbles of the cava. The mango adds a summery sense to the dish, and its flavour goes hand in hand with the wine’s notes of apple, limey acidity, and fruitiness.

About the Wine: Segura Viudas Heredad, Reserva Brut Cava Spain

Lucky us, there are still a few bottles of this pre-holiday release from Segura at the LCBO. The bottle itself – with its festive silvery decorations – is worth the investment ($32.95), but what’s inside is even more impressive. Cava is usually perceived as the cheap and cheerful option among other sparkling wines, but in this case you receive a prestige, elegant, high quality wine of good length, and complexity, with bubbles that are lively and expressive. Grab a bottle or two before they run out.


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