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Taste the Pork – English Bacon, Culatello, Caramelized Apple, and Blueberry Sauce paired with Maison


About the Wine:

Maison Ambroise is a family winery that dates back to the 18th century. This classic white Burgundy is rich, elegant, and creamy, with appealing buttery and brioche notes. It boasts a lingering acidity which balances the heavier nature of this complex and food-friendly Chardonnay. The finish is impressively long and lingering, with notes of orange and granny Smith apples. It’s a lovely wine; good for its price point.


92 points by Sommelier Selects

About the Pairing:

The richness and saltiness of the bacon and culatello – a dry, cured pork salumi – goes wonderfully with the full-bodied feeling of this expressive white Burgundy. The dish extends the length of the wine and adds complexity, while emphasizing the wine’s acidity and mellowing its richness. To create a bridge between the wine and the dish, Chef Liebman caramelized the apples, thus echoing the subtle caramel and apple notes of the wine, while the blueberry sauce adds yet another layer of flavour and a burst of colour to the entire experience.


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