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Lightly Seared Lamb Tenderloin with Chanterelle Mushrooms, Hazelnuts, Date and Fig Compote, and Appl

About the Wine:

This full-bodied yet elegant wine is from a Grand Cru vineyard – Pian Bossolino – owned by two artists who combine their passion for the visual arts and music with their love of winemaking. Their combined creativity is expressed through the bottle’s unique label, the wine’s elegant nose and its spectacular flavour. It’s rich with notes of earth, mushrooms, cedar, red cherries, dried figs, and a hint of peach. It has eight years of aging already, but this wine can keep on going and will just get better, deeper, and more complex with up to another 10 years properly cellared. Worth every penny!

About the Pairing:

This is a textbook pairing with the flavours of figs, dates, mushrooms found in both the wine and the dish; the wine enhances all the flavours, complexities, and fruitiness, completing the experience. The earthiness of the Ontario lamb is nicely echoed in the earthiness of the Brunello, while the succulent wee beast softens the wine’s firm tannins.


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