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home dinner party chef

About the dish & pairing:

Endive, cilantro,and lychee noodles with wild blueberries served on Leo Krukowski's bronze art. Seeing as I typically work and focus solely with wine and wine pairings, I tend to forget just how magical a beer pairing can be ! The art of brewing is not more or lesser than the art of winemaking. Exploring the bubbly texture of beer is quite fabulous and makes pairing an ease. The fizziness of the beer works well with the freshness of this dish, and the candied fruit notes in this Weizenbock go hand in hand with the blueberries. They act as a good contrast to the bitterness of the endive. There is also something about the visual of Krukowski’s art - in its rustic yet refined essence - that calls for a sophisticated high end beer.

About the beer:

I love this beer so much that every time I visit Montreal I stuff my suitcase with as many bottles as will fit ! In hopes of bringing back a little piece of Quebec back with me to my home in Toronto. Les Trois Mousquetaires brewery Started in 2004 by three owners - as you probably would’ve guessed by its name. This style of beer is traditionally brewed in Munich, Germany: dark and strong (10.5% alcohol) wheat beer, made from 100% Quebec Malts. It has beautiful flavours of candied mandarins, fresh apricots followed by maple and ripe banana notes. Serve cold 10c-14c.


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